HTA Update - 02/18/2009 (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
Stimulus Provisions to Help Put Housing on the Right Track
Expanded Energy Tax Credit to Boost Demand for Renovation Jobs
Profiting From Technology Upgrades
HTA Charges Ahead at IBS 2009
CEDIA Leaders Shine at IBS 2009
The New American Home 2009 Wows Crowds in Las Vegas
IBS 2010 Education Program Proposals Deadline - Feb. 20
ANSI Approves National Green Building Standard
Renovations and Technology: Evolving With the Times
CEDIA’s Electronic Lifestyles® Award Highlight: HeAVi LLC
Useful Links to Monitor Economic & Housing Trends

Useful Links to Monitor Economic & Housing Trends

The following are links to useful information from government agencies and NAHB that will enable you to monitor the housing market.

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