March 5, 2012
The Cost of Doing Business Study, 2012 Edition
Snapshot of Home Ownership in Local Housing Markets
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The Cost of Doing Business Study, 2012 Edition

Recently, NAHB's Eye on Housing blog featured a look inside NAHB BuilderBooks with a feature on the 2012 edition of The Cost of Doing Business Study. Cost of Doing Business Study2012The following is an excerpt:

A Look Inside Builders’ Books

February 22, 2012

If you have ever wondered how much single-family builders are earning these days or how much profit is considered “average” in the industry, then a recently published NAHB study based on a national survey of single-family builders titled “The Cost of Doing Business Study: 2012 Edition” will help provide answers.

On average, single-family builders in fiscal year 2010 made $7.1 million in revenue, had $6.0 million go towards cost of sales, and slightly over $1 million towards operating expenses, which left them with an average net profit of $39,000 (before taxes). In terms of percentages of revenue, cost of sales represented 84.7% of total revenue, which translates into a gross profit margin of 15.3%. Operating expenses ate up another 14.7%, leaving builders with a net profit margin of only 0.5%....Read the full story

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